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Part one of a three part programme focusing how to teach self defence against an extremely common occurrence in violent altercations - Attached Striking.

Learn and use the content of this course in a way that suits you best. As an intensive course, seminar or as part of your weekly classes.

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Course Curriculum

    1. What is Dynamic Resistance?

    2. How to create Dynamic Resistance Training (DRT)

    3. DRY Drill Reference List

    1. Safety in Training and Proactive Measure to Reduce Injuries

    2. DRT Contact Scale

    3. ASP Warm-Up Process

    1. Common Methods of Clothing Grips

    2. Clothing Grips (Close Up)

    1. Grip Prevention Practice #1a - Sleeve Grip

    2. Grip Prevention Practice #1b - Cross Sleeve Grip

    3. Grip Prevention Practice #1c - All Sleeve Grips

    4. Grip Prevention Practice #2a - Lapel Grip

    5. Grip Prevention Practice #2b - Cross Lapel Grip

    6. Grip Prevention Practice #2c - All Lapel Grips

    7. Grip Prevention Practice #3 - All Grips

    1. Stabilisation Practice #1a - Sleeve Grip

    2. Stabilisation Practice #1b - Cross Sleeve Grip

    3. Stabilisation Practice #1c - All Sleeve Grips

    4. Stabilisation Practice #2a - Lapel Grip

    5. Stabilisation Practice #2b - Cross Lapel Grip

    6. Stabilisation Practice #2c - All Lapel Grips

    7. Stabilisation Practice #3 - All Grips

    8. Stabilisation Sparring


Did you know that attached striking is one of the most common self-defence situations faced day to day?

... BUT is missing from most Krav Maga or Self Defence classes!

When I was at school, I used to LOVE swimming lessons, except the lessons when the teacher asked you to bring in some old clothes (often pyjamas!).

We’d bring in our old clothes and be made to swim and tread water in our clothes.

It wasn’t very nice.  It was very tiring. The water made swimming so much harder.

Your muscles felt tired, the clothes would pull you under the water.

We wouldn’t do this every class because it wasn’t practical or enjoyable.

But we’d do it at least once a term.

Why you might ask?

Because the teachers understood that there is a MASSIVE difference between learning to swim in your swim wear in a swimming pool, verses trying to keep yourself afloat in your clothes when you’ve fallen in a cold, horrid, scary river.

If the teachers did not give us this experience, we'd simply believe that swimming in a pool is the same as swimming in a cold river. It's not. The clothes change everything.

And should it happen, we may struggle to adapt.

Learning to swim is different to learning to survive in water.

Although the skill of swimming and how to keep yourself above the water is the same, wearing clothing makes a MASSIVE difference. 

I hope by reading this, you already understand by now why adding attached striking is so CRITICALLY important to your Krav Maga or self defence training classes.

Attached striking means to defend yourself when someone is holding your clothing.

There are 3 key reasons why attached striking must be part of the training that you deliver to your students.

  • Unless in a confined space or when you are with other people if there is no attachment you can simply run away or create distance.

  • Attached striking is extremely common in all self-defence altercations.  The assailant will attack mainly for the reason mentioned above, to keep you from creating distance running away, getting help or grabbing an improvised weapon.

  • Attached striking is one of the five factors that separate street self-defence training from combat sports training.

We can objectively observe from many hours of CCTV and mobile device footage, that grabbing onto clothing in a self defence situation is very common. 

There are very few self-defence or combat sports systems that train attached striking.

Even in MMA training at the highest levels, you are unlikely to train attached striking because it is not relevant to the goal.  

So even when highly trained fighters find themselves in a situation that involves attached striking, this will be unfamiliar to both their brain and their body and due to this, will decrease their performance as they try to adapt without any prior knowledge or training.

And most self-defence classes have their students train in comfortable uniforms that do not represent what is worn in everyday life, due to the ‘club aspects’ of uniformity and wearing the club brand.  

It is VERY easy to ask your students to bring in an old item of clothing such as a jacket or a hoodie to training, so they can experience how a self defence situation where someone is holding on to you, limiting your movement and stopping you from escaping is very physically and emotionally challenging. 

There are THREE main reasons why this doesn’t happen in most self-defence classes: 

  1. The instructor forgets to include it and gets into a routine that they enjoy, rather than what is best for the students.
  2. The instructor fears exposure, that some of their techniques may not work in an attached situation.

  3. The instructor does not have a proven training model for this scenario.

Let me help you give this valuable training to your students.

The Attached Striking Programme (ASP) will:

  • Give you a proven strategy and set of tactics to implement straight away.
  • Teaches you an effective training method so your training is realistic.
  • Shows you how to layer the training in a progressive manner.

Attached striking training is something that Krav Maga and Self Defence Instructors must not ignore.

Enrol on this course today  to start giving your students this critical learning  

Jon Bullock

Reviews of the Course

"Another well done course from Krav Maga Success. The Attached Striking Program: Part 1 is a great introduction to dealing with grips from a self-defense perspective. I’ve practiced grappling arts with jackets for 20+ years, however, there are a few challenges to bringing those skills into a self-defense/Krav Maga program. The biggest one being mindset – sporting & competition tactics & techniques don’t always align with a self-defense mindset.

Close range fighting and dealing with an aggressive person that has some kind of connection to you is a challenging subject. Especially for the instructor who is looking to develop their students’ skillset, safely, from the ground up. In this program, Jon has given self-defense instructors a blueprint to do just that. From preventing the grip to stabilization and working offensively & defensively with the limitations due to being controlled, this course does an excellent job of breaking down the core components. Whether you want to build classes or workshops specifically around this topic or sprinkle bits and pieces into your current classes to elevate and refresh the training, this course can help."

Nick, Instructor, USA

"This course is a great resource, very practical and applicable!

The content is solid, and an important addition to your self-defence training if you're not already practicing attached striking. I like how clear and well structured it is. It makes it very easy to not just gain the knowledge, but to also put it all into action.

It breaks down the content into very clear principles, and with the teaching blueprint included, you're set to teach a seminar that your students will love.

I know I've been to many great courses and only been able to apply a small amount of what I've learned afterwards. The teaching blueprint gives you a plan that you can use right away, and the videos give you the opportunity to always go back when you need to, to refresh any details before teaching." 

Top notch!

Linn, Instructor, Scotland

"The latest online course (Attached Striking Programme) from Krav Maga Success meets the same high quality standard of information and practical application for personal protection training.

The progression of the drills and concepts from simple to complex, and the realistic responses to situations with an attacker grabbing clothing, makes this course relevant for both beginners and experts alike."

Adam, Instructor, Australia 

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