Online Training Courses for Krav Maga and
Self Defence Instructors.

Hi there, 

Jon Bullock here Founder of Krav Maga Success. I'd like to start by saying thank you so much for visiting my online training academy.

I have been training, teaching and running a Krav Maga School for over 12 years,

Over that time I’ve experienced some amazing successes, and some very difficult challenges.

I've learnt from all of them, I've love the journey, and most importantly, I love helping other instructors.

This led me to writing a book called:

Krav Maga Success - Turning Your  Passion in to a Successful Business.

When I published the book, I received some very kind comments and reviews about how it had helped many other instructors overcome their own personal challenges, and had help set a more positive route forwards.

This then led me to think about how I might be able to help even more instructors, who are truly passion about what they do.

And from there, this online training academy has been born.

The aim of the academy is to provide advice, support and guidance to Krav Maga Instructors, Self Defence Instructors and Martial Arts Instructors, 

We here to help in any way we can:

  • Personal training and development.

  • Improving skills in helping, coaching and instructing others.

  • Support and guidance in building schools and developing businesses.

Whether as a part time instructor, or as a full time instructor.


As a part time instructor who would love to become full time, and dedicate your time to doing what you love.

Krav Maga Success Academy Online is here to help.

We’ll be adding more courses as the academy develops, but go ahead and see what’s available now, and I look forward to seeing you enrol on a course very soon

To Your Success,

Jon Bullock
Krav Maga Success