Krav Maga Success Academy

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit - "Out of nothing comes nothing"

Right now many Martial Arts and Self Defence Instructors would love the chance to grow, expand, and run a profitable school teaching their passion to others.

The time and effort you invested into becoming an expert instructor in your chose system can be harnessed in the same way to become an expert in running a successful school.

That's why I did teaching Krav Maga, hence the name Krav Maga Success.

Krav Maga Success Online Academy is here to help the growing number of people who are taking their career in teaching  Martial Arts and Self Defence seriously, and spending time doing what they love, by learning the critical factors all school owners and instructors must focus on to succeed.

Jon Bullock



Jon Bullock is an Expert Level 4 Instructor (4th Degree Black Belt) and has taught Krav Maga around the world. 

He has been pivotal in the growth of Krav Maga in the UK, delivering instructor certification programmes, further development opportunities and school owner support systems.

Jon is also the founder of Krav Maga Elite – Self Defence & Fitness. A UK based provider of Krav Maga training, operating weekly classes across the UK to both adults and children. At the time of writing, Krav Maga Elite has over 800 active members.

Jon also provides bespoke defensive tactics and conflict de-escalation training programmes, to various Police Forces, Government Departments, Military Units, and Global Companies worldwide.

Jon is the author of the book Krav Maga Success - Turning Your Passion into a Success Business, which is available on Amazon.  

He lives in Chelmsford, Essex in the UK with his partner Helen and their son.


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