Course Overview

This course will give you a solid base to work on your own kicking skills, whilst learning how to coach others using this method.

The course focuses on the areas most people struggle with when learning to kick effectively, including how to identify both strengths and weaknesses, so you can tailor your sessions to ensure continued progress when training or teaching kicking.

  • 5 x Instructional Video Lessons

  • Downloadable PDF Guide

  • Lifetime Access

  • BONUS VIDEO: Partner Workouts

Our Courses Include

  • Interactive Videos

    Professionally filmed high definition instructional videos taking you step by step through each lesson or drill.

  • Downloadable PDFs

    Easy access PDFs that your can download and print to have on hand to support when teaching your classes.

  • Lifetime Access

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Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction and how to use this course

    2. Download your Guide

    1. Video Lesson - Mobility

    1. Video Lesson - Flexibility

    1. Video Lesson - Stability

    1. Video Lesson - Front Kick Workout

    1. Video Lesson - Round Kick Workout


After having spent many years teaching Krav Maga, to a wide variety of people around the world, the single biggest skill that everyone appeared to be struggling with was the ability to kick effectively...
I figured out why!

It was clear that although people knew ‘what’ they needed to do; they were unsure of ‘how’ they were supposed to do it. This led to confusion, frustration, and a lack of any genuine progress.

After researching various courses on Kicking, I found that they all had one thing in common, a presumption that the person kicking was physically able to do the movements required, therefore the focus was always on the more technical elements of kicking and just doing more kicks.

But something was missing, none of these courses addressed the fact that to kick well, the body needs to be able to complete several sometimes-complex movement patterns. 

Due to lifestyle, these movement patterns could have been lost or reduced dramatically over the course of their lives. Therefore, when kicking the if the body was not familiar with the exact movements necessary it would do it’s best to achieve it, often by compensating or compromising the movement, therefore increasing the risk of injury.

I decided to write this course, to reveal the reasons why people struggle with kicking, and what you can do about it.

 I devised a step by step process to follow, focusing on 3 key areas for improvement.

  1. Your Mobility
  2. Your Flexibility
  3. Your Stability

It is likely that the restrictions in your body are either one, or a combination of the three key areas. 

Through the Kicking Mastery course, you will learn to identify your areas of weakness  and how you can create your own workouts tailored specifically to you and your needs, ensuring you can make real progress and develop your kicking.

I developed the BDA approach to keep you focused on the critical time periods that help you take your kicking to the next level. 

BDA stands for Before, During, and After your class. 

These three critical time periods are when you should be striving to make the most gains possible.

To learn more and how you too can increase your ability, power, and effectiveness of your kicks just click the Get Started button.