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New Content for Online Delivery of Krav Maga & Self-Defence Training

During theses unprecedented times, where many have faced the issues of moving from personal to online delivery of classes, we offer to those affected a new section of content specifically designed to aid with the instruction and online delivery of krav maga & self-defence training.


  • 4 x Lesson Plans

  • Clips of LIVE lessons as delivered to students

  • Downloadable PDF of each Lesson Plan

  • PowerPoint Presentation for screen sharing

  • PDF Display Poster for use whilst teaching

The 3 Critical Mistakes that Krav Maga Instructors Make in their Class!

Having spent the last 15 years teaching and travelling to various Krav Maga Schools around the world, I have discovered 3 critical mistakes that most Instructors make when teaching their lessons.


  1. They teach too much, too soon.
  2. They integrate too many solutions to too many problems.
  3. They focus too much on ‘negative teaching’ – The ‘worse-case scenario’ type training.


Typically, these mistakes have a significant negative impact on both the students’ progress, and the growth of the school in the following 3 ways…

  1. By teaching too much, the school loses students, as they feel overwhelmed and incompetent.

  2. The instructor therefore constantly feels frustrated, as the students fail to remember techniques from the previous lesson.  The instructor starts to lose their passion, and teaching becomes more of a chore than a choice.

  3. The end result is the business suffers, the instructor is always thinking about getting new students, and is less focused on the current students.  The school becomes all about the ‘newbies’, the current students feel neglected, and look to other schools or other systems.


During my travels, when I have direct and honest conversations with most instructors, the truth of the matter is that…


They put themselves under pressure through not having a structured approach to creating lessons.


They feel they have to over deliver, each week, each day and each lesson.  This is not sustainable and leads to instructor burn out!


Students become aware that the instructor is ‘making it up on the spot’, which loses respect from the students (and students gossip to each other!)


What do the most successful Krav Maga Schools do?


The most successful Krav Maga Schools in the world have a systematic and structured approach to their curriculum and lesson plans and how they are delivered.


However, many instructors struggle when creating lesson plans as they take a long time to create. Or they get ‘writers block’ on what to include in each lesson and focus too much on making the next lesson more unique than the previous one.   This creates confusion. It does not create skills.

It is often said that simplicity is genius!

Having personally trained 100’s of new Krav Maga Instructors, it is not their technical skills that are the issues, it’s their inability to understand WHAT students actually need, compared to what the Instructor THINKS that they need.


The two are often very (very) different!

Imagine never having to worry about what to teach in a lesson again?


Introducing the Krav Maga Success Online – Lesson Plan Library.


Before we get to what is included in the lesson plan library...


Hi, my name is Jon Bullock, I spent 7 years in the British Army serving in the Royal Military Police, primarily with the Close Protection Unit.  After leaving the Army, I then worked in the private Close Protection sector for a number of years before deciding to follow my passion of teaching others to protect themselves and their families.  

This led me to studying Krav Maga around the world, including living and training in Israel for 6 months.  I currently hold the grade of Expert Level 4 (4th Degree Black Belt)


I am the Director of Training for a large Krav Maga Organisation, and I am also the founder of Krav Maga Elite with a network of schools across the UK, based out of our custom built flagship training centre in Battlesbridge, Essex, United Kingdom.

Having worked with so many Instructors over the past few years, the main topic of conversation is ALWAYS lesson plans, and how to structure them.  What drills to include and how to make life easier when It comes to deciding what to teach and when.


I’d like to think that I’ve managed to help those instructors, but it made me think, could I help more?


The simplest and most efficient way to do that, was to create an online source of lesson plans, that could be easily accessed by Krav Maga Instructors, anywhere in the world.  

 My goal is to create a constant flow of lesson plans, ideas and drills that can be easily integrated into any Krav Maga school and by any Instructor, regardless of their affiliation, or the style of Krav Maga that they teach.


I have spent the last 6 months writing, editing, testing and filming the first series of 24 lesson plans included in the library.


(Please be aware that this is just the first collection of lesson plans that are being made available. 
More fundamentals, plus intermediate and advanced lessons will be added to the library as we progress)

My ultimate goal is to help as many Krav Maga Instructors as I can, to build successful and profitable schools whilst reducing the stress and frustrations.


The Krav Maga Success Online Lesson Plan Library Includes:

- Access to four complete video lesson plans per month.

- A downloadable PDF summary sheet for each lesson, that you can print and take to class.

- A printable lesson plan bullet-point class poster

- A downloadable power-point slide for class display

- A bonus drill video each month to give you additional teaching materials.

Please read the information below about how gain access to your lesson plan library.

Available on many devices and print

How to Get Started

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Decide which pricing method you would prefer (monthly or yearly)


Step 3: Once payment has been made, you’ll get instant access to your first 4 lesson plans, plus the PDF summary sheet for each lesson.  Your first bonus video will follow 15 days later.


What happens next?

Every 30 days from your date of enrolment, you will get access to your next set of 4 lesson plans and a supporting PDF document for each lesson, which you can print and use in class.

Plus, a bonus video follows 15 days later with a useful drill or additional subject you can add in if required.

 This will then continue on, month by month or until you choose to cancel your subscription.


To help Instructors budget, I have made two easy payment options available.

An annual subscription for just £299 (which will save you £60 on the monthly option)




A monthly subscription for just £29.99 per month.


To Your Success,

Jon Bullock


Comprehensive Video Library of Lessons

Each lesson is designed to progress your students, by helping you balance the content of your lesson with the right amount of creativity, to keep your students progress whilst staying focused. Includes useful downloadable plans and class display poster

  • Monthly Lessons with Video Demonstrations

  • Downloadable PDF of each lesson

  • Printable lesson plan bullet-point poster

  • Downloadable PowerPoint Slide for Class Display

  • Includes bonus videos with useful drills set to you every month

  • Adaptable to ANY Krav Maga Curriculum or System

Course Curriculum

4 x Video Lessons Per Month with PDF Download + Bonus Video!

  • 3

    Fundamentals: Lessons 1 - 4

  • 4

    Fundamentals: Lessons 5 - 8

  • 5

    Fundamentals: Lessons 9 - 12

    • LF-009: Distance Control | Striking | Outside Defence (Knife)

    • LF-010: Striking Hands & Legs | Roundhouse Kick

    • LF-011: Roundhouse Kick | Defending Roundhouse Kick (Low/Medium)

    • LF-012: Striking from Angles

  • 6

    Fundamentals: Lessons 13 - 16

    • LF-013: Defending a Medium Range Knife Threat

    • LF-014: Preventing Grabs from Angles | Releasing a Choke from Behind

    • LF-015: Ground Tactics | Knee Shield | Releasing a Choke on Ground (Guard)

    • LF-016: Striking (Angles | Outside Defence from the Side | Releasing a Choke from the Side

  • 7

    Fundamentals: Lessons 17 - 20

    • LF-017: Movement | Posting | Striking Combinations (Medium & Close)

    • LF-018: Inside Defence against Straight Punch (Simultaneous Counter Attack)

    • LF-019: Bridging | Striking from the Guard | Releasing a Mounted Choke

    • L020: Inside Shin Defence against a Regular Kick to the Groin

  • 8

    Fundamentals: Lessons 21 - 24

    • LF-021: Lead Leg Stop Kick against a Regular Kick

    • LF-022: Inside Defence against a Straight Punch (Left on Left / Defending Front Hand)

    • LF-023: Defending a Close Range Knife Threat

    • LF-024: Tactical Movement Against Multiple Assailants

  • 9

    Intermediate: Lessons 1 - 4

    • LI-001: Striking Combinations | Level Change | Low Straight Punch

    • LI-002: Striking Combinations | Advancing Straight Left | Advancing Straight Right

    • LI-003: Framing from Angles | Striking Combination | Releasing a Headlock from Behind (Air)

    • LI-004: Striking Combination | Inside Shin Defence Against A Kick to the Groin | Inside Hand Defence Against a Kick to the groin

  • 10

    Intermediate Lesson 5 - 8

    • LI-005: Headlock Prevention | Release a Headlock from Behind (Blood)

    • LI-006: Headlock Prevention from the Side | Releasing a Headlock from the Side

    • LI-007: Grab Prevention | Release a Single Handed Jacket Grab

    • LI-008: Outside Stabbing Defence Against a Circular Strike | Defending a Grab + Strike

  • 11

    Intermediate Lessons 9 - 12

    • IL-009: Inside Defence Against Straight Punch | Defending Against Stick Threat

    • IL-010: Advancing Straight Strikes | Striking Combinations | Defending Overhand Stick Attack

    • IL-011: Outside Defence Against a Circular Knife Stab | Kicking Combinations | Using a Kick Against a Knife Attack

    • IL-012: High Pummelling | Regular Kicking | Releasing Headlock from the Front (Guillotine)

  • 12

    Intermediate Lesson 13-16

    • IL-013: Striking Combinations | Releasing a Bearhug from the Front (High, Arms Free)

    • IL-014: Striking Combinations | Releasing Wrist Grabs | Defending an Attached Strike (Wrist Grab)

    • IL-015: Inside Defences Against Straight punches | Defensive Kick Forwards | Inside Hand Defence Against a High Kick

    • IL-16: Using a Stick as a Defensive Tool | Striking with a Stick | Stick on Stick Drills

  • 13

    Intermediate Lessons 17-20

    • IL-017 Releasing a Headlock (Side) | Releasing Headlock on the ground (Arms Free)

    • IL-018 Reacting to Opponents Change in Height | Releasing Low Bearhug from the Front

    • IL-19 Advancing Straight Strikes | Defending Horizontal Stick Attack

    • IL-020 Inside Defence | Outside Defence | Defending Punch Combinations

  • 14

    Intermediate Lesson 21-24

    • IL-021 Anti-Grab | Striking While Advancing | Releasing Wrist Grab + Drag

    • IL-022 Standing Grappling | Releasing Bearhug from Behind (High, Arms Caught)

    • IL-023 Inside Sweeping Defence | Outside Stabbing Defence | Defending Punch Combinations

    • IL-024 Headlock Prevention | Releasing Headlock on the Ground (1 Arm Caught)

  • 15

    Fundamentals: Lessons 25 - 28

    • LF-025: Outside and Inside Defence Against Strikes with the Hands

    • LF-026: Head Movement | Body Movement | Striking Combinations

    • LF-027: Grab Prevention | Striking Combinations | Choke Releases (All Angles)

    • LF-028: Kicking Combinations | Inside Defence Against Straight Punch (Late Response)

  • 16

    Fundamentals: Lessons 29-32

    • LF-29: Inside Shin Defence| Outside Shin Defence | Striking Combinations

    • LF-030: Ground Tactics | Kicking from the Ground | Standing Whilst Attacking

    • LF-031: Ground Tactics | Releasing Chokes Whilst on The Ground

    • LF-032: Outside Defence Against a Knife Stab | Defence Against Close Range Knife Threat

  • 17

    Fundamentals Lesson 25 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

    • Fundamentals Lesson 25 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

  • 18

    Intermediate Lesson 13 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

    • Intermediate Lesson 13 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

  • 19

    Advanced Lessons 01 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

    • Advanced Lessons 01 - 48 (COMING SOON!)

  • 20

    Bonus Videos - Techniques

    • [Bonus] Step & Reach

    • [Bonus]Compliant Behaviour

    • [Bonus] Attacking the Arm

    • [Bonus] Covering Against Strikes

    • [Bonus] Ground Flow

    • [Bonus]Hand Defence Against Kick to the Groin

    • [Bonus] Reflexive Outside Defence

    • [Bonus] Touch & Tap Sparring

    • [Bonus] Fifty Fifty Pummeling

    • [Bonus] Holding the Headlock (Ground)

    • [Bonus] Recovering the legs

    • [Bonus] Headlock Flow Drill

    • [Bonus] Headlock Variation - Ground (Punching Opponent)

  • 21

    Bonus Videos - HIIT Drills

    • Krav Maga HIIT Drill 1

    • Bodyweight Training

    • Krav Maga HIIT Drill 2

  • 22

    [SPECIAL SECTION] Teaching Lessons Online

    • About Teaching Online

    • The A.D.A.P.T Model for Online Teaching

    • Structuring Online Lessons

    • A Word of Warning

  • 23

    [SPECIAL SECTION] Online Lessons 1 - 4

    • OL-001: Moving Between Stances | Changing Positions | Pre-Emptive Striking

    • OL-001: (Live Footage)

    • OL-002: Moving in a Ready Stance| Striking Combinations | Outside Defence

    • OL-002: (Live Footage)

    • OL-003: Training from the Semi-Passive Stance | Striking Combinations | Inside Defences using Hands and Legs

    • OL-003: (Live Footage)

    • OL-004: Horizontal Elbow Strike from Behind | Combination of Strikes | Malfunction Drill

    • OL-004: (Live Footage)

    • OL-HD1-4: Online HIIT Drill Examples- 1 - 4

  • 24

    [SPECIAL SECTION] Online Lessons 5 - 8

    • OL-005: Closing Distance | Responding to Changes in Behaviour | Defence Against Overheard Stick Attack.

    • OL-005: (Live Footage)

    • OL-006: Striking Combinations Changing Range | Compliant Behaviour Against a Knife Threat | Decision Making

    • OL-006: (Live Footage)

    • OL-007: Striking Combinations | Focusing on Positioning of the Elbow to Improve Circular Strikes.

    • OL-008 (Live Footage)

    • OL-008: Close Range Striking | Covering Up | Posting | Head Control | Single Person Pad Drills

    • OL-008: (Live Footage)

Lesson Plan Schedule

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Upon purchase, you will receive access to 4 x video lesson plans, plus supporting documentation.  You'll also receive the first bonus video 15 days after purchase.

From then on, you will receive a further
4 x video lesson plans, plus supporting documentation every 30 days, and an additional bonus video every 15 days after the video lessons arrive.

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